As Nora McKinley

Just One Kiss

“Teacher, you don’t know how much you meant to me.”

Despite the present, I can’t forget my past.

Eight years ago, seventeen-year-old Robby St. James was on a path of self-destruction. Only the guidance of his teacher kept him alive—until one devastating kiss ruined everything. Now Robby is working his dream job as a rising star in broadcast journalism. It’s only at night that he lets himself indulge in fantasies about the man who got away.

What doesn’t ruin you makes you stronger.

Dean Hartnett has two rules: loose lips sink ships, and the past belongs behind you. Eight years ago he lost his job and was viciously outed when a student’s crush went too far. Now he’s climbed back to the top of his field to become an award-winning reporter—and he won’t let anyone or anything get in his way. Sometimes that means his love life suffers, but as his ex-boyfriends like to remind Dean, he lives to work.

We can’t go down this path again.

One fateful day, Robby is assigned to Dean’s news division. Robby wants nothing more than a second chance—and Dean just wants to keep the past buried. With so much heat and so many broken promises between them, coming together is inevitable.

This time, it may ruin them both.

Just One Kiss is a steamy second chance gay romance, with no cliffhangers! Second Chance Student Teacher Gay Romance

Hollywood Secrets

“I want to tell the world about you and me.”

Coming out will kill your career.

Kip Lawrence is Hollywood’s newest leading man. Playing the superhero Red Mask has made him famous—and complicated his private life. His manager wants Kip to stay in the closet, but the bisexual man can’t control who he’s attracted to.

“I guess I’m not as straight as I thought.”

Hollywood stuntman Nick O’Malley has had his share of breaks and falls, but the worst was his divorce. He’s done dating—until Nick sees him: delectable Kip Lawrence. The sex that follows makes him question his sexuality.

In Hollywood, secrets never stay secret.

But a photograph of them together leaks online, and all hell breaks loose. Suddenly Nick’s entire life is public. It was supposed to be just sex—but now it’s gotten complicated.

Does Hollywood have room for two bi men to be together?

Hollywood Secrets is an mm romance novel with secret boyfriend, out-for-you, and straight-to-bi plots. It’s a complete novel with lots of steam, romance, and love. While Hollywood Secrets features characters from Just One Kiss, each book is a standalone. Enjoy!