His Secondhand Heart

The heart he needed in order to live already has another half.

It’s either death or a heart transplant for Cody Collins—he has days left to live. When he gets a match it’s like an answer to a prayer… or that spell he cast in a moment of desperation.

An eighteen-wheeler killed the love of Mark Finn’s life, and he’ll never love another man until the day he dies. Little does he know his psychic partner signed up to be an organ donor, and soon the heart that loved him will beat in a regular human’s chest.

Getting a new lease on life should have solved all of Cody’s problems… except now he can barely sleep because of the visions and hallucinations he’s having. The final straw is the sexy older gentleman who shows up at his door, insisting Cody is a psychic now. Yeah, right.

Then the visions come true. Turns out Portland isn’t as normal as Cody thought.

Mark agrees to help Cody adjust to his new life—but as soon as he’s got a hang of his powers, he’s leaving. His heart can’t take much more. When a stolen kiss reveals that Cody is tied to him by fate for the rest of their lives, it’s like losing Aiden all over again.

But grief and love alike will have to take a back seat when Cody sees a future in flames: a necromancer plans on taking the whole city straight to hell. Mark and his pupil will have to fight an entire army of the undead together… all the while wondering: is fated love just as deep the second time around?

Matters of the heart get complicated when magic is involved.