New Book: Mountie Werebear!

Amanda Harris is trying to get over her cheating ex by going on a well-deserved vacation. Her BFF sends her on a plane straight to… Canada?

Marshall Falls isn’t what she expects, and neither is Constable Luke Attwater, an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Staying in the same hotel as this sexy uniformed man will be difficult for her libido, since he’s not shy about his half-naked body.

Luke swore to himself he’d never get involved with a human woman. The werebear blood passed down for generations makes him a great mountie—as long as he doesn’t settle down. But Amanda’s curves will be hard to resist, especially when the bear inside him insists on taking a mate. This foxy vixen has a broken heart he desperately wants to put back together, in the bedroom and beyond—if only she can get over her fear of a certain furry, four-legged predator.

When mounties are werebears, can a curvy girl resist—more importantly, does she even want to try?

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