New Book: Just One Kiss!

“Teacher, you don’t know how much you meant to me.”

Despite the present, I can’t forget my past.

Eight years ago, seventeen-year-old Robby St. James was on a path of self-destruction. Only the guidance of his teacher kept him alive—until one devastating kiss ruined everything. Now Robby is working his dream job as a rising star in broadcast journalism. It’s only at night that he lets himself indulge in fantasies about the man who got away.

What doesn’t ruin you makes you stronger.

Dean Hartnett has two rules: loose lips sink ships, and the past belongs behind you. Eight years ago he lost his job and was viciously outed when a student’s crush went too far. Now he’s climbed back to the top of his field to become an award-winning reporter—and he won’t let anyone or anything get in his way. Sometimes that means his love life suffers, but as his ex-boyfriends like to remind Dean, he lives to work.

We can’t go down this path again.

One fateful day, Robby is assigned to Dean’s news division. Robby wants nothing more than a second chance—and Dean just wants to keep the past buried. With so much heat and so many broken promises between them, coming together is inevitable.

This time, it may ruin them both.

Just One Kiss is a steamy second chance gay romance, with no cliffhangers!

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New Book: The Arranged Omega!

It was supposed to be simple: one omega, one alpha, a fake marriage. Then he fell in love.

Bailey has a dilemma: the alpha werewolf his father wants him to marry is a jerk. So he jumps at the opportunity to fake a marriage with alpha werewolf Leon, whose inheritance hangs in the balance.

At first Leon seems like nothing but a rich player, one Bailey should stay away from. As Bailey spends more time with him, he finds him irresistible… and soon he has fallen completely. The hard part is trusting that Leon feels the same way—especially since their marriage has an end date.

With an angry ex on Bailey’s tail and Leon’s sister in trouble, they’ll have to face their obstacles together, married or not. Because together they’ll form a family bond that cannot be broken.

Note: the novel contains mpreg or male pregnancy, as well as mentions of mature subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

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New Book: The Destined Omega!

Exiled from his family, he'll find love and a new home. To keep both he must break a dark curse—or die trying.

Wade is a lone omega werewolf, thrown out of his strict family for breaking their religious rules. Searching for other werewolves leads him to a cursed alpha named Kierran. Every night this alpha locks himself in his room. Every dawn, death follows.

Warned to stay away, Wade finds himself unable to leave. Curiosity keeps him—and the desire to break Kierran's curse. He's never met someone so alluring and troubled before.

But no one who falls for this alpha lives to tell the tale.

He'll have to use everything he knows to break the curse and save both their lives. Only an omega's gift can free Kierran from his prison. First, he must let Wade into his heart.

Note: the novel contains mpreg or male pregnancy, as well as mentions of mature subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

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New Book: The Captured Omega!

Captured by the enemy, he'll come to love his captor. His heart will pay the price.

Caden lives in a separate world with rules that go back centuries. An omega werewolf, he has few choices but to live under the command of an alpha lord or face human brutality in the outside world. A rebel by heart, he wants nothing more than to be free.

When a neighboring alpha werewolf named Fletcher kills his alpha, he inherits Caden in the process. This new alpha is different—and attractive. Given the task to seduce Fletcher, Caden lets himself get too close.

He never intends to fall for him. He never expects to be freed. But he can’t leave Fletcher behind when he’s carrying his child. His heart, now captured, won’t let him.

Together, they’ll have to find a way to live freely with their newfound love.

Note: this novel contains mpreg or male pregnancy, as well as mentions of mature subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

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New Book: Vicious!

Bear shifter Brett Green has hidden away in the forest for years, keeping to himself and avoiding long-term interaction. When an injured raven he nurses back to health turns out to be shifter Kerry Fine, he finds himself with one mischievous half-naked house guest.

This grumbly bear shifter soon falls for Kerry’s seductive lips, and shows him his true dominant side. But before they can be happy for long, a rogue shifter crashes through their new relationship.

Finding his fated mate will force Brett to come face-to-face with the dangerous bear inside him—but with Kerry’s love, he’ll finally put the past to rest and start over.

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New Book: His Secondhand Heart (LLP)

$0.99 for a limited time!

The heart he needed in order to live already has another half.

It’s either death or a heart transplant for Cody Collins—he has days left to live. When he gets a match it’s like an answer to a prayer... or that spell he cast in a moment of desperation.

An eighteen-wheeler killed the love of Mark Finn’s life, and he’ll never love another man until the day he dies. Little does he know his psychic partner signed up to be an organ donor, and soon the heart that loved him will beat in a regular human’s chest.

Getting a new lease on life should have solved all of Cody’s problems... except now he can barely sleep because of the visions and hallucinations he’s having. The final straw is the sexy older gentleman who shows up at his door, insisting Cody is a psychic now. Yeah, right.

Then the visions come true. Turns out Portland isn’t as normal as Cody thought.

Mark agrees to help Cody adjust to his new life—but as soon as he’s got a hang of his powers, he’s leaving. His heart can’t take much more. When a stolen kiss reveals that Cody is tied to him by fate for the rest of their lives, it’s like losing Aiden all over again.

But grief and love alike will have to take a back seat when Cody sees a future in flames: a necromancer plans on taking the whole city straight to hell. Mark and his pupil will have to fight an entire army of the undead together... all the while wondering: is fated love just as deep the second time around?

Matters of the heart get complicated when magic is involved.

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New Book: Predatory!

$0.99 for a limited time!

Fate has a sense of humor.

Aiden is a deer shifter who works as a ranger in Yellowstone Park. Carver is the werewolf who saved him when they were kids—too bad he did it with his teeth. Now Aiden is branded with what shifters call the mate’s mark: a glowing bite that legends claim ties him forever to an annoying werewolf.

Well, fate better watch out, because Aiden has other plans… until Carver plants a kiss on him so sinfully scorching that he can’t see straight for days. Predator and prey will have to work their differences out, because destiny has plans for them… and so does love.

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New Book: Mountie Werebear!

Amanda Harris is trying to get over her cheating ex by going on a well-deserved vacation. Her BFF sends her on a plane straight to… Canada?

Marshall Falls isn’t what she expects, and neither is Constable Luke Attwater, an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Staying in the same hotel as this sexy uniformed man will be difficult for her libido, since he’s not shy about his half-naked body.

Luke swore to himself he’d never get involved with a human woman. The werebear blood passed down for generations makes him a great mountie—as long as he doesn’t settle down. But Amanda’s curves will be hard to resist, especially when the bear inside him insists on taking a mate. This foxy vixen has a broken heart he desperately wants to put back together, in the bedroom and beyond—if only she can get over her fear of a certain furry, four-legged predator.

When mounties are werebears, can a curvy girl resist—more importantly, does she even want to try?

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New Book: Ferocious!

TV producer Alex Carpenter’s search for werewolves in the redwood forest gets him more than he expected. Turns out the real deal is far sexier than imagined. Werewolf Iann McHeim refuses to be revealed, and is willing to seduce Alex to get what he wants.

Both men are surprised by their sudden chemistry, and a link from the past that scorches their hearts and tangles them together… Can love overcome a decade-old secret?

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